PUAN INDONESIA https://idebahasa.or.id/puanindonesia/index.php/about <p>Jurnal PUAN INDONESIA (Pengabdian Untuk Anak Negeri) Indonesia merupakan wadah untuk mempublikasikan hasil-hasil Pengabdian Masyarakat dari berbagai disiplin ilmu dalam bentuk Jurnal ilmiah dan Open Accessed System. Jurnal ini diterbitkan oleh Asosiasi Dosen Bahasa dan Sastra se Kepulauan Riau (Idebahasa Kepri).</p> <p>Artikel-artikel yang dipublikasikan di Jurnal Puan Indonesia meliputi hasil-hasil penelitian ilmiah asli, artikel ulasan ilmiah yang bersifat baru, atau komentar atau kritik terhadap tulisan yang ada dimuat di OJS system Jurnal Puan Indonesia maupun dalam terbitan berkala ilmiah lainnya. Jurnal Puan Indonesia menerima manuskrip atau naskah artikel dalam bidang riset terapan dan pengabdian masyarakat yang mencakup bidang keilmuan yang relevan dengan: sosial, kependidikan, sains, keolahragaan, bahasa, bisnis dan ekonomi dari berbagai kalangan akademisi dan peneliti baik nasional maupun internasional.</p> ASOSIASI IDEBAHASA KEPRI en-US PUAN INDONESIA 2685-2632 PEMBINAAN MANAJEMEN SDM, AKUNTANSI, DAN BAHASA INGGRIS PADA KJPP DAMIANUS AMBUR & REKAN CABANG BATAM https://idebahasa.or.id/puanindonesia/index.php/about/article/view/108 <p>Penelitian dan publikasi ilmiah yang dilakukan dengan objek KJPP sudah banyak dilakukan tetapi masih sedikit yang berupa pengabdian masyarakat. Kegiatan pengabdian masyarakat ini berusaha mentransfer riset-riset ilmiah kepada KJPP DAR Batam khususnya pada bidang manajemen SDM, akuntansi, dan kemampuan Bahasa Igngris. Kegiatan pengabdian ini dilakukan oleh tim dosen STIE Galileo dan Universitas Putera Batam. Kegiatan dilakukan dalam bentuk penyuluhan dan pelatihan. Target dari kegiatan pengabdian ini adalah untuk memperbaiki masalah-masalah yang ada pada KJPP DAR Batam yaitu integritas karyawan, pencatatan pembukuan akuntansi, dan kemampuan Bahasa Inggris. Hasil dari penelitian ini adalah terjadinya perubahan dalam integritas karyawan, terciptanya sistem pencatatan keuangan yang sistematis, dan meningkatnya kemampuan Bahasa Inggris karyawan.</p> Daris Purba Asih Purwana Sari Nurma Dhona Handayani Zara Tania Rahmadi Copyright (c) 2022 PUAN INDONESIA 2022-07-22 2022-07-22 4 1 1 8 10.37296/jpi.v4i1.108 PENINGKATAN KESADARAN DAN LITERASI HUKUM TERHADAP KEAMANAN SERTA PRIVASI DATA DAN INFORMASI https://idebahasa.or.id/puanindonesia/index.php/about/article/view/105 <p><em>Data and information security, which is currently increasingly important, has resulted in many parties making efforts to control data and information at a better level, including data and information held by students at SMK Tunas Muda Karya Batam, community service activities targeting schools. implemented will provide training and guidance to students and students in the school to improve skills in securing personal data and information so that there is no misuse to the detriment of participants in the development of laws related to information and telecommunications technology or IT will also be given to increase the awareness of students and students or all participants in using internet-based platforms. Increasing the ability of participants in the information technology aspect along with legal awareness in digital literacy brackets and legal literacy allows participants to have the ability to avoid mistakes and increase expertise in using platforms and the internet. the target of this activity is to reduce the misuse of data and information as well as law violations committed in activities related to digital platforms or the internet.</em></p> Saut Pintubipar Saragih Mesri Silalahi Irene Svinarky Copyright (c) 2022 PUAN INDONESIA 2022-07-22 2022-07-22 4 1 9 18 10.37296/jpi.v4i1.105 PENYULUHAN BERKREASI DENGAN TAMPILAN WEBSITE YANG MENARIK https://idebahasa.or.id/puanindonesia/index.php/about/article/view/102 <p><em>The development of the industry that is not in line with the provision of adequate manpower, especially for the management and tourism business sectors, has resulted in the need for manpower for these fields to be wide open. Realizing this, in 2006 the local government of the city of Batam took anticipatory steps to build a state vocational school 2 batam with the program of Accounting Expertise, Travel Business, Hospitality Accommodation and Catering located on Jalan Pemuda no. 5 batam center Batam Municipality, Riau Islands Province. SMK Negeri 2 Batam with the motto "Clean, Delicious, Diligent, Advanced, Tenacious, Skilled Superior (BERMUTU)" is managed as a school that implements a comprehensive dual system by developing through collaboration with relevant industries such as banking, the Indonesian Travel Association, Apindo, Kadin, and increasing the ability of teachers/staff so that they can play a good role with total quality management in order to make SMK Negeri 2 Batam an educational institution that has quality parallel to similar schools in Singapore/Malaysia, especially other ASEAN countries. The ability of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that is adequate and directed today absolutely must be mastered by students so that they are ready to live in the era of cyber space and face the challenges of global competence that will have an impact on their lives. Besides being a compulsory subject for vocational students, ICT also has great potential in increasing student motivation.</em></p> Nia Ekawati Copyright (c) 2022 PUAN INDONESIA 2022-07-22 2022-07-22 4 1 19 28 10.37296/jpi.v4i1.102 PEMBINAAN KEMAHIRAN BERBAHASA INGGRIS PROFESI DAN LITERASI HUKUM KOMUNIKASI BAGI GURU DAN SISWA DI MTS MANBAA’UL NURUL HIDAYAH BATAM https://idebahasa.or.id/puanindonesia/index.php/about/article/view/111 <p><em>The ability to speak English is one of the skills that must be possessed by students as their expertise that can be used in the field of work and is also important for teachers to teach and practice in the learning process. In the world of work, children who have graduated are required to have skills in communicating in English, and communication students are also expected to understand communication literacy. Many are good at speaking English but sometimes lack direction and lack of knowledge about communication literacy. On this occasion, the lecturers of Putera Batam University held a Coaching for Students and Teachers on Profession English Proficiency and Communication Law Literacy for Teachers and Students at MTs Manbaa'ul Nurul Hidayah Batam. The method used is by collecting data from observations, questionnaires and group discussions. The result of this service is that participants already understand English and communication legal literacy. There are 60% of the participants who have practiced English and communication law literacy.</em></p> Afriana Afriana Tomi Arianto Padrisan Jamba Copyright (c) 2022 PUAN INDONESIA 2022-07-22 2022-07-22 4 1 29 36 10.37296/jpi.v4i1.111 PENYERAHAN DAN BIMBINGAN TEKNIS PENGGUNAAN MESIN PENGHANCUR BIJI BIJIAN https://idebahasa.or.id/puanindonesia/index.php/about/article/view/100 <p><em>The process that has been carried out in providing chicken feed for livestock is by providing ready-to-use or ready-to-use feed. Prepared feed on the market of course has a relatively more expensive price, compared to raw feed which must be processed first. Milled corn on the market has a relatively more expensive price, compared to corn ore. Ways that can be done to overcome the problems above, namely by implementing or applying technology (machine) in the feed processing process.</em><em>&nbsp;</em></p> Rizki Ramdani Agus Saleh Gerinata Ginting Yoddy Agung Nuhgraha Riri Damayanti Apnena Eva Damayanti Elvathna Syafwan Copyright (c) 2022 PUAN INDONESIA 2022-07-22 2022-07-22 4 1 37 44 10.37296/jpi.v4i1.100 ENGLISH INTRODUCTION PADA KOHAI KARATE DI DOJO RAUDHATUL JANNAH PERUMAHAN TIBAN RAYA BATAM https://idebahasa.or.id/puanindonesia/index.php/about/article/view/101 <p><em>Introduction in English is an important one to learn. By introduction we can adapt to everyone. This dedication aims to guide children in communicating with the interlocutor. In this service, the devotees find weaknesses in pronunciation and the use of grammar. So it needs to be developed for further. The ability to communicate using English is very important, so from now, we prepare the younger generation to face the future times. If children can communicate in English well then we feel happy and their parents also feel proud. In this occasion, the usage of the English in the students’ school is very seldom, so the devotees try to practice to use English in the every training. Beside that it gives motivation for the students and also to the parents of the students. Using English is not only for the introduction the students but also used in the presentation of the material.</em></p> Mhd. Johan Winda Evyanto Gaguk Rudianto Robby Satria Zia Hisni Mubarak Copyright (c) 2022 PUAN INDONESIA 2022-07-22 2022-07-22 4 1 45 50 10.37296/jpi.v4i1.101 UMMY SIAPKAN LULUSAN MEMILIKI SOFT SKILL DAN BERDAYA KOMPETITIF: PROGRAM BLPKL TRACER STUDY https://idebahasa.or.id/puanindonesia/index.php/about/article/view/103 <p><em>BAN-PT has accredited Universitas Mahaputra Muhammad Yamin (UMMY) Solok, consisting of four faculties and twelve study programs. Ten study programs have received accreditation B, while two have received accreditation C. Since 1984, UMMY Solok has existed. There are 1,800 registered UMMY students until 2022. UMMY Solok graduates roughly 326 students each year for two types of graduations: odd and even semester graduations. It is vital to follow alumni systematically to respond to the growing number of graduates each year. This study attempts to determine the number of UMMY alumni employed, as well as if the knowledge learned during college applies to current jobs. This is geared toward bettering each study program's curriculum to meet the demands of the workplace. The alumni of 2017 graduates, a total of 381 graduates, will be the focus of the tracer study. Manual questionnaires were given to graduates who were not discovered through social media and online questionnaires. Meanwhile, for alumni discovered through social media (via Facebook, line, and WhatsApps) and IT-based, the questionnaires were given on <a href="http://www.ummy.ac.id">http://www.ummy.ac.id</a>. The questionnaires were given in a more focused and guided way. The establishment of an alumni database for the UMMY Solok tracer research can be accessed through lpkm.ummy@gmail.com. The following are the tracking results: (1) According to the survey results of the tracer study team, UMMY Solok alumni are looking for jobs before they graduate, and the average wait time for a job after graduation is five months. (2) UMMY Solok alumni who have worked in various countries or regions look for work in a variety of ways in order to find positions that match their disciplines and interests. (3) The topic of study is the variety of disciplines researched; the association between the field of study and alumni work is quite close (31,7%). (4) Almost all of the competencies held by alumni are good or very good.</em></p> Zona Rida Rahayu Elan Halid Mega Putri Copyright (c) 2022 PUAN INDONESIA 2022-07-22 2022-07-22 4 1 51 58 10.37296/jpi.v4i1.103 PENYULUHAN INDUSTRI KREATIF PADA MASYARAKAT DESA SARIWANGI AGAR TETAP PRODUKTIF DIMASA PANDEMI https://idebahasa.or.id/puanindonesia/index.php/about/article/view/99 <p><em>The Corona Virus Desease Epidemic 2019 (Covid-19) has had a significant impact on economic growth in Indonesia. On March 8, 2022, the implementation team of TEDC Polytechnic PKM activities conducted a survey on economic conditions and food prices in the Kampung Lembur Tengah RT 01/RW 05 area, Sariwangi Village, Parongpong District, West Bandung Regency. The majority of citizens who work as traders and employees of private companies have experienced the impact of declining income since the Covid-19 outbreak hit. From the results of discussions conducted with the Chairman and residents of RT 01, Sariwangi Village, it was agreed that the problems resolved in this activity were to eliminate Productive Extension during the Pandemic to Increase the Income of Residents of Central Overtime Village RT: 01 / RW: 05, Sariwangi Village, Parongpong District, West Bandung Regency. Productive activities during the pandemic took place or were carried out in people's homes on Saturday, April 16, 2022.&nbsp;&nbsp; With enthusiasm, residents follow the counseling, and it is hoped that the public will be able to create and understand the importance of creative economy counseling participants also get additional insights about making liquid soap to save expenses rather than buying liquid soap packaging directly, as well as making carrot-tofu nuggets as a cheap and healthy snack as a business idea and personal consumption.</em></p> Asmat Purba Lusi Marlina Rahmadani Hadianto Reni Listiana Copyright (c) 2022 PUAN INDONESIA 2022-07-22 2022-07-22 4 1 59 68 10.37296/jpi.v4i1.99 PEMBINAAN PENINGKATAN KETERAMPILAN MENGGUNAKAN MICROSOFT OFFICE 2016 PADA MASYARAKAT SEKUPANG https://idebahasa.or.id/puanindonesia/index.php/about/article/view/104 <p><em>Microsoft Office 2016 is one of the applications in data processing. Regarding community groups, it must be admitted that the community's ability to use Microsoft Office 2016 is minimal, because many people, especially students at the SMP Kampung Baru Indosat Sekupang Batam, do not understand and understand the use of Microsoft Office 2016 applications. The difficulties they experience are: school assignments related to questions in the form of essays related to the tools in Microsoft Office 2016 because the hours of computer subjects are less when compared to hours of other subjects. In addition, understanding of how the Microsoft Office 2016 application works and functions is still minimal. This is where the service team provides guidance in improving using Microsoft Office 2016 with the aim of improving knowledge and understanding skills for students using Microsoft Office 2016 applications.</em></p> Sasa Ani Arnomo Yulia Yulia Nopriadi Nopriadi Copyright (c) 2022 PUAN INDONESIA 2022-07-22 2022-07-22 4 1 69 76 10.37296/jpi.v4i1.104 PEMBINAAN KETERAMPILAN BERKOMUNIKASI BAHASA INGGRIS PADA MASYARAKAT KARANG TARUNA PULAU JALOH BATAM https://idebahasa.or.id/puanindonesia/index.php/about/article/view/107 <p><em>Community potential can develop with the support of human resource skills. Batam as an archipelago has great potential in tourism and product development. In general, the development of infrastructure as a physical resource in the city of Batam has been sufficient to the islands around Batam, such as the island of Jaloh. The potential of the island as a national and foreign tourist spot needs the support of communication skills, especially English communication. most of the community activities are fishing and marine product management. In addition, the potential of the island as a tourist spot is an attraction for domestic and foreign tourists to visit and enjoy the beauty of the island of Jaloh. Based on community activities and the potential for island development, it is necessary to support English communication skills to make it easier to interact with visitors from abroad. This community service aims to improve English communication skills in supporting the potential of tourism islands and marine products. The achievement of the goals in this service is carried out using discussion and presentation methods regarding strategies and techniques of English communication skills. Coaching focuses on how to speak practically, practical speaking, pronunciation, daily vocabulary and listening. There needs to be coaching in communication in order to increase self-confidence. This activity is carried out for the youth community on Jaloh Island from December 2021 to June 2022. The results of community service, firstly, create cooperation in the field of community service between Putera Batam University and the people of Jaloh Island. Second, to increase insight and share knowledge of the service team to develop the potential of Jaloh Island community resources. Third, participants understand and have the knowledge and skills to communicate in English. Fourth, participants can achieve a competitive advantage in interacting through English communication. The implementation of activities can make a major contribution in developing the potential and building the advantages of the Jaloh Island community. The follow-up plan in the future is that community service activities are carried out by providing ongoing assistance and guidance. These activities can involve Batam city government officials to get encouragement and support.</em></p> Sunargo Sunargo Ambalegin Ambalegin Poniman Poniman Copyright (c) 2022 PUAN INDONESIA 2022-07-22 2022-07-22 4 1 77 86 10.37296/jpi.v4i1.107 PEMBINAAN INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM PADA YAYASAN BAIT TA’ALAMAL QUR’AN BATAM https://idebahasa.or.id/puanindonesia/index.php/about/article/view/109 <p><em>Many educational institutions do not yet have an integrated management system. Like industry and Health, Educational institutions are also an activity that needs to have a good management system because it has a cycle of activities that are more or less the same as the industrial world. This community service seeks to apply the results of research on the Integrated Management System (IMS) to educational institutions at the Bait Tahfiz Ta'alamal Qur'an Foundation. The method of implementing the service is carried out by discussion and workshop methods. This service activity concludes that the application of IMS in educational institutions has a significant impact on improving management in every aspect.</em></p> Daris Purba Suratman Pastima Simanjuntak Nasruji Zara Tania Rahmadi Copyright (c) 2022 PUAN INDONESIA 2022-07-22 2022-07-22 4 1 87 92 10.37296/jpi.v4i1.109 LITERASI HUKUM PENGGUNAAN MEDIA SOSIAL IBU RUMAH TANGGA DI PERUMAHAN REXVIN BOULEVARD KOTA BATAM https://idebahasa.or.id/puanindonesia/index.php/about/article/view/98 <p><em>The power of social media is very powerful to influence the thoughts and behavior of its users, which is the problem when the power of social media is used in a negative way, the negative influence will be spread throughout society. Social media will be a big problem for its users when the users use social media inappropriately, especially big problems in legal cases. The use of social media is not only used by men, in fact the use of social media is more vulnerable to being used by housewives, due to the lack of media literacy and understanding of applicable laws. It is evident from several levels of violations of the use of social media that are entangled in the ITE Law, the percentage of mothers is more dominant. With this era of progress, understanding related to law and media literacy must always be echoed, one of which is the group of housewives who live in Rexvin Blouvard RW 13 RT 03 Kelurahan Tembesi, Sagulung District, Batam City.</em></p> Ukas Ukas Kundori Kundori Parningotan Malau Zuhdi Arman Copyright (c) 2022 PUAN INDONESIA 2022-07-22 2022-07-22 4 1 93 100 10.37296/jpi.v4i1.98 PENTINGNYA MENGHITUNG LABA/RUGI USAHA BAGI UMKM KELURAHAN KRENDANG, KECAMATAN TAMBORA, JAKARTA BARAT https://idebahasa.or.id/puanindonesia/index.php/about/article/view/96 <p><em>There are various strategies that need to be carried out so that the pioneered business can develop and be successful, one of which is awareness of the importance of calculating Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) profits/losses. Unfortunately, most Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) only focus on marketing and product development activities. Many Micro, Small and Medium (UMKM) entrepreneurs still think that the calculation of business profit/loss is not too important. Likewise, there are still many Micro, Small and Medium (UMKM) entrepreneurs in Krendang sub-district, Tambora district who do not have the knowledge and skills to calculate business profit/loss. Micro, Small and Medium (UMKM) entrepreneurs in Krendang sub-district, Tambora district really need training that can improve the knowledge and skills of these entrepreneurs in calculating business profit/loss, therefore the Faculty of Economics and Business - Trisakti University in order to help meet the needs of these trainers, cooperate with The Krendang sub-district Apparatus, Tambora District, West Jakarta carries out Community Service (PKM) by providing practical training in calculating business profit and loss, starting from the explanation, understanding and process of calculating Profit/Loss up to the preparation of a business profit/loss report.The results after the PKM implementation were in line with expectations, where participants were very enthusiastic about asking about the calculation of business profit/loss and answering the exercise questions given and answering the questionnaire given, with the assessment getting an average value of 62 to 73 indicating the successful implementation of this PKM training has been in accordance with what is expected. It is expected that compared to the results of the pre-test, it is only around the average value of 46 to 54.</em></p> Rina Hartanti Irma Ade Alisa Ferinandus Kusuma Copyright (c) 2022 PUAN INDONESIA 2022-07-22 2022-07-22 4 1 101 110 10.37296/jpi.v4i1.96 PEMBINAAN STUDI KELAYAKAN BISNIS BAGI ANGGOTA PERSATUAN PERANTAU SARIAK SUNGAI ABU (PESSAS) KOTA BATAM https://idebahasa.or.id/puanindonesia/index.php/about/article/view/112 <p><em>Many MSMEs fail in the initial operational process, one of the reasons for the failure of these MSMEs is the lack of analysis of the feasibility study of the business being carried out. In the process, most of the PESSAs members who work as traders experience many problems in developing and determining the location of the business. For this reason, community service this time is coaching in understanding and making a business feasibility study of a business, the method used in community service this time is first the Lecturer Team gives lectures and explanations about the theory of business feasibility studies, both participants will be given coaching in making business feasibility studies starting from investment costs to socio-economic analysis, the three participants will be given the opportunity to discuss the problems faced in making a business feasibility study. It is hoped that this community service program can contribute in the form of: First, participants are motivated to make business feasibility studies, second, participants are able to be skilled in making business feasibility studies. Based on the guidance that has been carried out by members of PESSAS, they are able to make their own business feasibility studies</em></p> Very Karnadi Raymond Dian Lestari Siregar Copyright (c) 2022 PUAN INDONESIA 2022-07-22 2022-07-22 4 1 111 118 10.37296/jpi.v4i1.112 MEMBANGUN JIWA PEKA ( PRODUKTIF, EDUKATIF, KOOPERATIF DAN AKSI) DALAM MENDORONG PEMULIHAN MASA PANDEMI DI KOTA BATAM https://idebahasa.or.id/puanindonesia/index.php/about/article/view/106 <p>The pandemic period is not completely over and there are more and more people who are economically disadvantaged and need help. There is a problem related to the distribution of necessities, where students cannot go directly to the field. Regarding the distribution of necessities, which is one of the sensitive issues, which is happening at this time in the Tanjung Uncang village. Some people promise cheap groceries, but they never come. Even though people have paid for it, people are afraid of it. The purpose of community service is to help people who have irregular incomes. The method used is social service by providing food packages to people in need .</p> Maya Richmayati Hendri Herman Elminaliya Sandra Copyright (c) 2022 PUAN INDONESIA 2022-07-30 2022-07-30 4 1 119 124 10.37296/jpi.v4i1.106