eScience Humanity Journal <p>eScience Humanity Journal is a social and humanities journal that can be used by researchers both in educational and public institutions. This journal is published twice each year in November and May.</p> <p> </p> Asosiasi Ide Bahasa Kepri en-US eScience Humanity Journal 2774-1605 PRESUPPOSITION FOUND IN THE BBC NEWS: CORONA VIRUS IN INDONESIA <p>The aim of the study was to identify and analyze the types of presupposition implied in the BBC news of corona virus in Indonesia. In this research, the researchers used descriptive qualitative research as the research design. The research design was conducted to design is a qualitative approach in which express the outcome in words and provide an explanation of the result. In collecting the data, the researchers used the observational method and non-participatory technique by Sudaryanto (1993). In analyzing data, the researchers applied pragmatic identity method and distributional method. As for the theory, the researchers used the presupposition theory proposed by Yule (1996). The types are existential, factive, non- factive, lexical, structural and the counter factual presupposition. The research was existing in the BBC news “Indonesia corona virus”. The research found the types of presupposition are existential, factive, non- factive, lexical, structural and the counter factual presupposition. The most type of presupposition which could be found is existential presupposition.</p> Balqis Majesty Wahana Ambalegin Ambalegin Nurma Dhona Handayani Copyright (c) 2022 eScience Humanity Journal 2022-01-12 2022-01-12 2 1 1 8 10.37296/esci.v2i1.27 THE STRUGGLE OF WOMEN EXISTENCE IN “ISN’T IT ROMANTIC” NOVEL BY WENDY WESSERSTEIN <p>This study aimed to reveal the struggle of women to gain existence in the novel as a representation of social phenomena. The data source of this research was Isn't It Romantic drama by Wendy Wesserstein. This novel is about women who want to achieve their dreams without the participation of their parents. They want to live without any interference from their parents. To reveal the struggle for existence, the researcher uses the existentialism approach by Simone Beauvoir. Existentialists fight for the nature of human existence, especially for women who have been subordinated to the patriarchal system. The method used in this research is Descriptive qualitative method. The close reading data collection method is effective in tracing data relevant to research variables. The analysis method is carried out critically by using an existentialism approach. The researcher got three main analyses toward the novel, they are: independence over women, authority in making decisions, and lastly, the same existence as a human being.</p> Devi Cintia Kasimbara Copyright (c) 2022 eScience Humanity Journal 2022-01-12 2022-01-12 2 1 9 16 10.37296/esci.v2i1.28 SELF-MANIPULATION AS A FORM OF DESIRE FULFILLMENT IN “CATCH ME IF YOU CAN” NOVEL BY FRANK W. ABAGNALE JR <p><em>Every human being needs the need to be able to continue living one of the things that is needed is the esteem needs. This study aimed to find the esteem need from Frank William Abagnale in Catch Me If You Can novel by Frank W. Abagnale Jr. which is a real story of the main character, Frank W. Abagnale. This novel was once the best seller in New York published in 1980 which tells the story of a person who is an expert in fake checks, manipulate identities and run away to fulfill life's needs and recognition of the status, achievements and identity of a character. The theory used in this paper is based on Abraham Maslow's theory. Abraham Maslow described the needs of human life in the form of a Pyramid, where the most basic parts are the most important needs in human life. This research that used by researcher is a qualitative research. The process of presenting research results uses informal methods by describing them through words. From the process of data analysis, it can be found that the main character Frank Abagnale in the novel “Catch Me if You Can” continues to struggle to fulfill his life needs as a human. It all started from the needs of Frank who wanted to meet the needs of self-esteem and recognition from people around his environment.</em></p> Elfi Rahmi Tomi Arianto Copyright (c) 2022 eScience Humanity Journal 2022-01-12 2022-01-12 2 1 17 28 10.37296/esci.v2i1.25 EVALUATION OF EDUCATION SYSTEM DURING COVID-19 TOWARD STUDENTS’ PSYCHOLOGY <p>The Covid-19 virus disease affects the entire world, including the education system and its impact on students' psychology. The goal of this study is to learn how the education system transitioned from offline or face-to-face teaching learning to online teaching-learning mode at Putera Batam University for the teaching-learning process and semester exams via online during COVID-19. In this study, the descriptive qualitative approach was used to discover students' psychology in online learning. In order to overcome these issues, the purpose of this study is to provide a comprehensive picture of online teaching and learning activities taking place during the lockdown period, including the link between the change management process and online teaching and learning processes in the education system in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. Ongoing disruption and resumption of educational activities and discourse as normal procedures in the education system. The data were analyzed using Wile (Syahputri et al., 2020) and Miles Huberman and Saldana (2014). They were 110 students as respondents (B.Miles et al., 2014). The result found that students fatigued 100%, they felt headache, tired, shoulder sore 85%, demotivation 21%, withdrawal, and procrastination 70%, bad time management about 76%, and Feeling Isolated 85% and Uncertainty to what the lecturer/friends explain during the class 75%.</p> Afriana Afriana Copyright (c) 2022 eScience Humanity Journal 2022-01-12 2022-01-12 2 1 29 34 10.37296/esci.v2i1.24 FLOUTING MAXIMS IN “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST” MOVIE <p>Communication is one of important part in human life. This research related to the phenomenon of pragmatics. This research focused on analyzing the flouting of maxims in the Disney film entitled “Beauty and the Beast”. The purpose of this study is to determine the kinds of maxim flouting produced by the actor. For this research, the researchers used Grice's theory of flouting maxim. This research used descriptive qualitative as the research design which shapes how the report of the analysis would be descriptively. This research collected the data by applying observational and non-participatory technique by Sudaryanto (1993). As for analyzing data, the researchers used pragmatic identity method and pragmatic competence- in equalizing technique. From the analysis of the collected data, the researchers found that several conversations of the main characters in this film contained flouting of the maxims. Those were 4 data of maxim quantity, 4 data of maxim quality, 3 data of maxim of relevance, and 2 data of maxims manner.</p> Safrida Florentina Ambalegin Ambalegin Copyright (c) 2022 eScience Humanity Journal 2022-01-12 2022-01-12 2 1 35 46 10.37296/esci.v2i1.23 RACE, MILIEU, AND MOMENT IN “TITANIC” BY JAMES CAMERON: HISTORICAL APPROACH <p>Literary criticism is defined as a science and try to investigate literary work with analyse and comparison. The purpose of this study is to get some information and to identify the race milieu and moment in literary work. Outlined Hipollyte Taine perspective in three concepts, namely (1) race, (2) Milieu, and (3) Moment. This phenomenon occurs in Titanic film by James Cameron. The researcher using Qualitative descriptive methods to analyse race, milieu and moment in Titanic film by James Cameron. The data collected by recording the data. Data analysed using Hippolyte Taine and Guerin theory for historical biographical approach. The result of analysis found that the disparity in the status of ship passengers for the poorer and upper classes is depicted in James Cameron's film Titanic as evidence of social class inequality. Because of his act of obtaining an award despite being in the lower class, Jack, as a class representative, does not have the right to be considered a person at the bottom. Mileu pits the position of social class against the community, which is backed up by the class division. Meanwhile, Moment is viewed through the lens of a social class that exists between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, as evidenced by the numerous forms of discrimination discovered.</p> Icha Sartika Tomi Arianto Copyright (c) 2022 eScience Humanity Journal 2022-01-12 2022-01-12 2 1 47 52 10.37296/esci.v2i1.18 ANALISIS KESALAHAN BERBAHASA INDONESIA PADA PAPAN SPANDUK DI SEPUTARAN LINGKUNGAN KOTA BATAM <p>The aim is to find out the writing on the banner to get pictures or photos on the banner to see in this case which vocabulary and sentences are wrong on the banner and to get information that can be processed as material for making scientific articles, which consists of the basic theory of the language used is far from the norm. This case is caused by the lack of public understanding of language and writing in the use of words according to the KBBI which uses vocabulary and is structured in sentences. In producing data sources obtained from the surrounding environment to be able to take data such as interviews with people who are responsive around the environment to obtain accurate data as material for scientific works. The perfection and correctness of linguistic basics in language use errors were found around the banner, from the results of research in the use of descriptive methods in language use errors found in research as objects and research subjects on banners in data recording is observed in case studies used in writing the results of the study indicate that the writing on the banner uses informal language in the form of various written languages ​​depending on the inappropriate writing style. According to the rules. From the results of the study, it was found that there was a lot of error information on language users on banners in grouping sentences and vocabulary based on factual information in processing data as an object of analysis in solving Indonesian.</p> telutci oei Yunisa Oktavia Copyright (c) 2022 eScience Humanity Journal 2022-01-12 2022-01-12 2 1 53 58 10.37296/esci.v2i1.20 ANALISIS KESALAHAN BERBAHASA INDONESIA PADA MEDIA BERITA BERBASIS DIGITAL <p>One of the media used to read news is digital-based media. However, in digital media, we often encounter errors in Indonesian. We still often encounter errors, syntax errors, and morphological errors when communicating or reading news in various media. Therefore, these errors will be the main discussion in this article. The main purpose of writing this article is to explain errors, morphological errors, and language syntax errors in internet-based news media. In addition, another goal is to provide improvements that are by the writing of Indonesian writing. The descriptive method is used as the main method in analysing Indonesian writing errors. The method of collecting data or information is done by searching, reading, and understanding the content of news on the internet. The results of the analysis of errors in the use of Indonesian in internet-based news media found that there were still many media that made mistakes starting from the news title to the content of the news that was written.</p> Indar Jaya Yunisa Oktavia Copyright (c) 2022 eScience Humanity Journal 2022-01-12 2022-01-12 2 1 59 64 10.37296/esci.v2i1.19