eScience Humanity Journal <p>eScience Humanity Journal is a social and humanities journal that can be used by researchers both in educational and public institutions. This journal is published twice each year in November and May.</p> <p> </p> Asosiasi Ide Bahasa Kepri en-US eScience Humanity Journal 2774-1605 DIRECTIVE ILLOCUTIONARY ACTS OF JAMES CORDEN’S UTTERANCES “THE HOST” <p>This descriptive qualitative research explored one of speech acts phenomena. The researchers took directive acts types as the object of this research. Utterances of directive acts that the host produced were used as the data source. The directive acts types were analyzed by employing Searle and Vanderveken (1985)’s theory regarding types of directive acts. Observational method was adopted to analyze data and it also used non-participatory technique collection. The data were analyzed through pragmatic identity method and competence in equalizing technique by Sudaryanto (2015). It discovered that there had 18 utterances of directive acts in James Corden’s utterances. There were eight of command, six of request, prohibition and question had two data. The type of permission was not uttered by the host and guests. The dominant type was command because the host was the host, which means he owned higher degree compared to the guests.</p> Wulan Angelia Sembiring Ambalegin Ambalegin Copyright (c) 2022 eScience Humanity Journal 2022-05-21 2022-05-21 2 2 66 74 10.37296/esci.v2i2.33 EXPLORING MASLOW’S HIERARCHY OF HUMAN NEEDS IN “POLLYANNA” NOVEL <p>This descriptive qualitative research psychologically explored the hierarchy of human needs in “Pollyanna” novel. The quotations from all characters were examined seeing that the hierarchy of human needs is not only unfulfilled by the main character. However, other characters of the novel also have struggles in fulfilling the hierarchy of human needs. In collecting the data, the researchers applied library research because this research also used books and articles of the relevant object. Furthermore, the researchers analyzed the data by taking the descriptive analysis method. The data were analyzed by implementing Abraham H. Maslow’s theory regarding the hierarchy of human needs. The research result reported that the physiological needs, love and belonging needs, and self actualization are fulfilled by the characters of “Pollyanna” novel. As for the unfulfilled needs, those are safety needs and self-esteem needs as the needs that are not fulfilled by the characters. The safety needs are unfulfilled because the main character named Pollyanna did not get a proper room in Ms. Polly’s house. Also, Ms. Polly's self-esteem needs are unfulfilled because she does not feel respected because of the duty that assigns the woman to look after Pollyanna.</p> Fanny Virginia Robby Satria Copyright (c) 2022 eScience Humanity Journal 2022-05-21 2022-05-21 2 2 75 86 10.37296/esci.v2i2.36 MORAL FACTORS THAT ENCOURAGE THE MAIN CHARACTER TO ACHIEVE SELF UNITY IN THE NOVEL "BEAUTY AND THE BEAST" BY ELIZABETH RUDNICK <p>This study aimed to explore the moral factors that encourage the main character to achieve self-unity in the novel “Beauty and the Beast by Elizabeth Rudnick. This study used a philosophical approach related to exploring the elements of morality in literary works. The theory used is the theory of Linda and Richard (1993) about the form of moral values, and Cady's theory (2005) about the influential factors in moral formation. The research method used in this research is descriptive qualitative. Then, the researcher applied the library research method. The moral principles of the main character are portrayed in the attributes of honesty, courage, peace, independence and potential, discipline and moderation, respect, love, selflessness and sensitivity, kindness and friendliness, justice and compassion, according to the findings of this study. Meanwhile, the variables that lead to the creation of moral values might come from chance, intents from the environment, and their own will. Except for the principles of loyalty and chastity, Belle, the novel's main character, has demonstrated all of the moral values that have been theorized. Belle is most influenced by her own willingness to demonstrate her moral principles, which is caused by various factors that influence her to practice such beliefs, according to the investigation.</p> Desica Desica Tomi Arianto Copyright (c) 2022 eScience Humanity Journal 2022-05-21 2022-05-21 2 2 87 96 10.37296/esci.v2i2.38 REVEALING THE "SWAN" SYMBOL AND SOCIAL CRITICISM IN RENDRA'S POETRY “NYANYIAN ANGSA” <p>The purpose of this research aimed to reveal symbols that are often present by applying semiotic critical analysis to poetry. <em>Nyanyian Angsa</em> (The Swan Song) is the source of data in this analytical practice. Rendra is a writer who is familiar to the Indonesian people through his sharp lines and directly affects the social phenomenon critics. In this article, the researcher implemented Riffatere's semiotic reading theory to examine the Swan symbol in poetry. Riffatere introduces 4 things in semiotic of poetry, they are (1) poetry is an indirect expression, stating something with another meaning, (2) heuristic and hermeneutic reading (retroactive), (3) matrix, model, and variant, and (4) hypogram. By using qualitative research methods, this research focused on critical analysis of the text in poetry. The results of this analysis indicated that there are many ungrammatical expressions in poetry that could not be read heuristically reading so that the reading is done by hermeneutic reading (retroactive). Through the semiotic stages, there are two major criticisms behind the ungrammatical meaning found, namely the representation of social criticism on individuals in medical and religious institutions. The Swan symbol also refers to the Maria Zaitun character who has done forgiveness of sins.</p> Tomi Arianto Copyright (c) 2022 eScience Humanity Journal 2022-05-21 2022-05-21 2 2 97 104 10.37296/esci.v2i2.40 TELAAH PEMBELAJARAN MAHASISWA TERHADAP PERAN BAHASA INDONESIA DI PERGURUAN TINGGI <p>The Indonesian language course is one of the general subjects that must be taught at the tertiary level, either at the Diploma or Bachelor level. This rule of course has been stated in Article 35 paragraph 3 of Law number 12 of 2002 which is related to learning in higher education. Based on the article, the Indonesian language courses at the university level have changed their names, namely to become general compulsory subjects (MKWU) which were originally called the General Basic Courses (MKDU). It can be said that a substance in the study of Indonesian general courses will always focus on an emphasis on skills in the use of Indonesian as a language known as the national language. However, in accordance with the existing truth, in doing academic writing which is an effort that can be made in obtaining a national literacy program as has happened at this time which is really not in accordance with the intended expectations. Of course, in reality this will have an impact on students at the high school level who will enter the university level who will of course study Indonesian language courses. Seeing in the problems that will arise in the learning process, of course, it is very necessary, namely learning model that will begin to lead to how the ability of the student in carrying out recovery from an event that is in learning. Of course, the learning model as proposed is a guide from various sources by referring to the main points of a problem that will be faced, of course, by lecturers of the Indonesian General Course.</p> Suryani Barimbing Yunisa Oktavia Copyright (c) 2022 eScience Humanity Journal 2022-05-21 2022-05-21 2 2 105 112 10.37296/esci.v2i2.21 MEMILIH SEKOLAH DASAR UNTUK ANAK MENGGUNAKAN FUZZY LOGIC METODE MAMDANI <p>Education Batam City has an education that follows the development of the current era. Because the city of Batam itself is very close to neighboring countries, namely Singapore and Malaysia. As reported from the online electronic media Kompas newspaper on January 17, 2017, as a parent, of course you also don't want to look for a school for your baby. The reason is, choosing the right school, especially kindergarten (TK) and elementary school (SD), is a "long-term investment" for the future of children. Having a child who will enter a higher school, from the kindergarten (TK) period, of course, must choose an elementary school (SD) which can be said to have good quality besides that it can be seen in the results of those who have graduated from the elementary school. Because in the modern era, children must be introduced to the international language from an early age but not abandon the national language, Sultan Agung School puts the concept of the National Plus School in front. The consideration that can be taken for parents is choosing a public or private elementary school with different concepts and advantages, of course, it is enough to think carefully, so as not to make the wrong choice. In general, the new alternative schools offer the same concept, namely promoting children's verbal abilities and honing children's creativity. As a parent, of course, you will look for information on the meaning of the national plus school understanding. The concept taken with the national plus is that the school prioritizes all students being able to use the Indonesian language and is equipped with the help of an international language, namely English.</p> Nia Ekawati Elsari Fatkhur Jannati Copyright (c) 2022 eScience Humanity Journal 2022-05-21 2022-05-21 2 2 113 124 10.37296/esci.v2i2.42 THE USE OF CODE MIXING IN SUMITOMO COMPANY: SOCIOLINGUISTICS APPROACH <p>The goal of this study was to discover the different code mixing types and the reasons why the leader spoke code mixing during in the meeting with employees. On Monday, he presided over the meeting, which included some code mixing. In this research, the writer used a qualitative descriptive method. The data were taken by recording the utterance of the leader then observed the words that referred to code mixing and the reason of choosing to use code mixing. They are found three types of code mixing the first intra-sentential code mixing, the second intra- lexical form and the last is the pronunciation changing.</p> Nila Sari Haloho Mhd. Johan Johan Copyright (c) 2022 eScience Humanity Journal 2022-05-21 2022-05-21 2 2 125 136 10.37296/esci.v2i2.41 TINJAUAN HUKUM MENGENAI HAK CIPTA SEBAGAI HAK MORAL YANG MERUPAKAN HAK EKSKLUSIF TERHADAP PENCIPTA LAGU <p><em>Copyright is one of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) that aims to provide protection to the creator. When discussed about the ownership of a copyright song is different from other rights in IPR, especially regarding moral rights that actually need to be obtained by the songwriter. Therefore, the author is interested in taking the title of Legal Review regarding Copyright Regarding Moral Rights as One of the Exclusive Rights To Songwriters. Based on the title, the purpose of the research raised is: To find out the moral rights obtained by songwriters based on laws and regulations. This research is used Qualitative method. The nature of this research is descriptive, namely by studying, explaining the rules related to the problems raised. In addition, in the writing taken secondary data by collecting data from the library, then using data materials such as: First, primary data materials are regulations related to Copyright; Second, secondary data materials are books, papers, thesis, journals related to Copyright; Third, tertiary data material is an English dictionary.</em></p> Irene Svinarky Padrisan Jamba Copyright (c) 2022 eScience Humanity Journal 2022-05-21 2022-05-21 2 2 137 142 10.37296/esci.v2i2.43